New Technology

There are different sources for regenerative treatment.

Many patients are suffering from joint pain and deterioration. Also many patients may have been told your only option is total joint replacement. Orthopedic medicine is fortunately has kept with advances in medicine.

Now you may have heard about PRP and stem cell injection for treatment off shoulder and knee joints pain and arthritis.

PRP and Stem Cell are obtained from your own tissues.


Are derived from bone marrow, prevent you from bleeding.
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), contain growth factors are in blood, therefore can be harvested from your own blood “which” contains growth factors, which stimulate healing process.

Stem Cells

Stem cells are pluropotential cell. This means can regenerate any tissues under proper circumstances. They all over the body including blood, Bone marrow and fat under your skin. Are more abundant in Bone marrow and fat. Therefore can be harvested from your own bone marrow or fat cells.

To reach a decision which one is appropriate for you discuss it with your doctor.